Pet Cartooning

written by David Steffen

I’m contemplating the idea of doing pet cartoon designs for hire.  This is still in the experimental stages, and is strictly a time-permitting project.  I don’t know what the level of demand will be, but if it’s overwhelming I will keep up as best I can(I also have things going on outside of Lucky Pig, so those may change my schedule).  The image of the pig you see here was drawn using a photograph as a model, and I quite like the way it turned out.  I’ve tried the same thing with a couple of dog photos, and I really liked the final look of it there too.

If you’re interested, email me at steffenwolf <at> diabolicalplots <dot> com, and we can discuss details.

Generally, here’s what I’m thinking:  For a reasonable fee paid via PayPal or check, I will take a clear good-quality photograph of an animal, and will use it as a model for creating a cartoon.  The result will be cartoon style image similar to the original photo.  Keep in mind:
1.  The animal will be in the exact same position as in the photograph.  I can make small alterations like removing red-eye effect, but I will not be drawing them in a different position than what the photograph shows.
2.  Each colored section will be one solid color.  This isn’t meant to be a photo-realistic reproduction, so variations of colors will be lost to be replaced by solid-color areas more like a cartoon style.
3.  The best results will occur when the major features have very sharp contrast.  I’ll do my best either way, but black eyes on black fur (for instance) is hard to do well.  I haven’t tried any fluffy animals yet, because the edges might get a little blurrier with the fur–I’m not sure how well that will work but I’m willing to try.