Praise for the Author

“Steffen’s take on the Martian psyche is brilliant and his use of telepathy in this story [What Makes You Tick] will leave you in awe of his ability to evoke emotions from his readers.” –King of Zombies (and author) Eric S. Brown, in the forward to War of the Worlds: Frontlines

“The story [What Makes You Tick] is well-written, disturbing, compelling and creepy as hell… I have been reading science fiction and horror for more years than my friend David has been alive, and yet in just two pages he managed to creep me out more than some of the giants have done in a whole novel… Wow!” –Author, producer, HWA member Mark Onspaugh

“Nicely told. Ugh.” –Award-winning author Katherine Sparrow (referring to What Makes You Tick)