About Us

Diabolical Plots is a joint endeavor by two aspirant fiction writers who are striving to one day call themselves published. In the mean time, between reading form rejections, they’ve put together this site to keep them motivated and possibly offer a little motivation to other aspiring writers.

steffenpromoDavid Steffen lives in Minnesota with his lovely wife and two crazy dogs. He works as a software engineer, writing video processing algorithms for traffic cameras. No, not the kind that give you tickets. The good kind. Yes, there is a good kind. He writes speculative fiction (mostly contemporary fantasy) and is an all-around media enthusiast (particularly movies and video games).
Praise for the Author

Anthony-Sullivan.NEWAnthony Sullivan writes mostly speculative fiction from his home town of Louisville, KY. He pays the bills by writing financial software for a Fortune 500 healthcare company. His hobbies include astronomy, photography and video games. He is married to a wonderfully patient woman and has one rambunctious son.

Diabolical Plots is co-owned by Anthony Sullivan and David Steffen. All content is considered copywritten unless otherwise noted and may not be reproduced without expressed written permission.