About Us

Diabolical Plots L.L.C. has been publishing nonfiction content continuously since 2008–reviews, interviews, Best Of lists, how-to articles on the subject of writing, and editorials.  In 2013, Diabolical Plots launched the Submission Grinder, a free-to-use web tool that helps writers find new markets for their work, find per-market submission response data, and track their submissions.  In 2014, Diabolical Plots added to the feed with a monthly posting of original fiction pulled from an anonymous slushpile.  If you like what we’re doing, please visit our Support page and consider contributing to help us keep bringing you this content.


David Steffen lives in Minnesota with his lovely wife and two crazy dogs. He works as a software engineer, writing video processing algorithms for traffic cameras. No, not the kind that give you tickets. The good kind. Yes, there is a good kind. He writes speculative fiction (mostly contemporary fantasy) and is an all-around media enthusiast (particularly movies and video games).



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