Sale! “The Quest Unusual” to Daily Science Fiction

written by David Steffen

My streak of good fortune continues with a third sale in quick succession!

The story:Â “The Quest Unusual”, a story about a strange… knight?

The magazine:Â Daily Science Fiction.

I’m particularly excited about this one, since Frank Dutkiewicz and his reviewer cronies have worked very hard to provide reviews of Daily Science Fiction for Diabolical Plots. I’m looking forward to being involved on the fiction side.


Good news! Another new sale, thus reaffirming my irrational superstition that my sales always come in pairs. This time the story is “The Infinite Onion”, an improbable SF story about a research company that is trying to find new ways to profit from portals to parallel worlds. The venue is AE Canadian Science Fiction Review. Huzzah! I am excited! That is all. 🙂 -David Steffen