Issue #97: Our Special Telepathy Issue, Diabolical Thoughts!

Welcome to Diabolical Thoughts. You have one (1) transmission pending.

To receive this transmission, please hold still, and visualize the following items:

A roadtrip in an Oldsmobile.
A faint buzzing sound.
Sand; so much sand.
The entire world.

Thank you. Beginning transmission; please stand by.

~Diabolical Thoughts~
March 2023

Editorial: Thoughts on Thoughts
Ziv Wities, 410 words

Jenova Edenson, 3650 words

The Hivemind’s Royal Jelly
Josh Pearce, 860 words

The Desert’s Voice is Sweet to Hear
Carolina Valentine, 3870 words

A Girl With a Planet in Her Eye
Ruth Joffre, 870 words

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