Noms: John W. Campbell (and Hugo)

written by David Steffen

Hello, everyone! I wanted to bring to your attention that this is the first year that I am eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. My eligibility opened up because of publication of my story “Turning Back the Clock” in Bull Spec #3, so I figured I’d pander a bit for nominations, and while I’m at it, Hugo noms.

How can I vote?

Nominations–You can vote any time between now and March 26th. You are eligible to vote if you had an attending/supporting membership to last year’s World SF convention (AussieCon) or this year’s World SF convention (Renovation). You don’t actually have to attend to be able to vote–you can buy a “supporting” membership for $50. When you’re ready to vote the online or print ballots are available here. You can nominate 0-5 entries for each category. A list of categories is also available at that link.

Voting–Some time after the nomination round votes are counted, they’ll open up for the main voting. You’re eligible for this only if you’re an attending supporting member of this year’s World SF convention (Renovation)–not the difference in eligibility rules from the nomination round. There’s no link yet, but presumably it will be in a similar place to the nomination voting ballot.

What Categories?

John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

I (David Steffen) am eligible for this one because of my qualifying sale to Bull Spec, for “Turning Back the Clock”. I think that any of my stories can be taken into consideration for this. If you want to read some of my work, most is available for free in some format, linked from my biblio page.

Best Short Story

I have two stories this year eligible for nomination:

“What Makes You Tick” in War of the Worlds:Â Frontlines. This was also reprinted in Brain Harvest where you can read it for free.

“Turning Back the Clock” in Bull Spec. You can get a PDF of the issue here for an optional donation.

Best Professional Artist/Best Fan Artist

Our resident artist Joey Jordan can be nominated for either of these categories. Her Bull Spec work qualifies for professional work, but she may also have other things eligible for fan art category. You can also check out her own web page.

Best Fan Writer

This could apply to anyone who has written nonfiction for Diabolical Plots in the last year, especially me (David Steffen) and Frank Dutkiewicz.

Best Fanzine

Diabolical Plots itself should be eligible for this.

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