Sale! “Fruitful” to Digital Science Fiction

written by David Steffen

I don’t often post about myself but I wanted to share some good news. I’ve sold my short story “Fruitful” to Digital Science Fiction. I’m very pleased that this has happened now. I was getting rather down about the writing, more than a year having passed since the last non-reprint sale.

I’ll post more information when it’s available, but the story is an off-world future SF story on a world with robot nannies where reproduction is the primary currency. I hope folks like it.

It is slated to appear in Digital Science Fiction’s 2nd issue, in July. DSF is planning to have a monthly anthology release, each one with 10 new science fiction stories. They’ve released the table of contents for their first issue, and they’ve gathered some familiar names, such as Ian Creasey, Ken Schneyer, David Tallerman. I’m looking forward to reading it!