Lucky Pig Studio Relaunch!

written by David Steffen

In late 2010, I launched a 2010 Cafepress store called Lucky Pig Studio with artist Joey Jordan who did our site art. Not a lot has happened there. I think part of the reason is that I never figured out how to make a unified storefront.

Well I’ve put it together now, and so I’m in the midst of a relaunch of the store. I really hope that people like it. I’m talking with Anthony to see if we can figure out how to insert a Cafepress sidebar to the site to make it easy to from this site.

Last time I launched all at once. This time I’m going to try a more measured approach. I’m going to open a new design each day that comes on a wide range of products, and for now they’ll be about 10% less than the usual price.

So this is the 1st day, and here’s the first design. It’s the iconic image of Lucky Pig Studios, the “Lucky Pig!” This design is based on the studios namesake, a piglet that my wife and I rescued from the side of a South Dakota Interstate in the summer of 2010 in the heat of summer. We got it some food, and got it out of the brutal August heat, and to a hooved animal rescue society. So that was one lucky pig.