“Constant Companion” published at the Drabblecast

written by David Steffen

This marks a big milestone for me, publication in my favorite magazine, the Drabblecast! My story, “Constant Companion” was published there as part of their Drabblecast’s 23rd Trifecta special, with 2 other stories, one of those stories by my friend Sandra M. Odell.

It’s a story about a wooden boy and the carpenter who made him, but the story doesn’t go where you’d expect.

The story came from an effort to write a 2nd-person story that I didn’t hate. Really, I guess it’s 1st-person, but that person is primarily telling a 2nd person what they have done, but done in a way that makes sense in the story instead of being a gimmick like 2nd-person generally strikes me.

IF you get a chance to listen, feel free to comment!