New Magazine: Cosmic Vinegar

written by David Steffen

Just a brief article today, to make anyone who might be interested aware of a new monthly non-fiction magazine titled “Cosmic Vinegar“, edited and (so far) written by Samuel X. Brase. In Brase’s own words, his goals for the magazine are twofold:

This e-magazine has two goals.

“One: to produce a politically inspired serial story. Written by Samuel X. Brase, myself, editor of this e-mag.

“Two: to produce reviews of independently published science fiction. Written by myself as well, to start, although I am open to outside reviewers.”

He has posted the first issue of the magazine, the October 2011 issue, and one of the two stories he reviewed was my “The Infinite Onion”, published in AE earlier this year. Brase says “This review is meant less to critique the stories and more to analyze the themes and narrative present.” I found it very interesting to see the discussion of my odd little flash story. One of the most interesting things I’ve found in this writing vocation is when others discuss the inherent themes in a story I’ve written. Sometimes those themes match up with what I intended, and sometimes they don’t, but I’m of the opinion that there is no incorrect interpretation of theme as long as it is supported by the text itself, regardless of author intent.

I’ve got to say I’m rather surprised for a story of mine to be reviewed in a magazine focusing on politically related science fiction. I’ve never really set out to write such a thing, and I would not have labeled my story as such, but I think his reaction is great.