Fiction Sale #4–Turning Back the Clock to Bull Spec

David here. I’m happy to say I’ve made my fourth fiction sale! ÂAnd good news for my friends who’ve said you would like to read my writing but don’t care for horror: Âthis is the first story I’ve sold that I wouldn’t classify as horror. Â:)

The story: ÂTurning Back the Clock, a time travel story about a man trying to prevent his wife’s death.
The publication: ÂBull Spec, a brand new market edited by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn. ÂTheir premier issue is scheduled to come out in the next couple weeks. According to their website, they’ll be offering stories in print, in e-books, as well as audio versions in multiple languages. The date: ÂNot sure yet. ÂNot Issue #1, but perhaps #2 or #3, Summer 2010

And, as if that wasn’t cool enough, this will be my first professionally paying sale! ÂIt doesn’t yet qualify for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) membership because it’s such a new market, but as long as they prove themselves with longevity and magnitude, then this would retroactively count toward membership.