Unsettled Foundation: Minneapolis-based “live anthology”

written by David Steffen

Hello everyone! For all of you out there, but especially those who are within easy driving distance of Minneapolis, I wanted to tell you about an upcoming event in which I will be participating. It is the debut event of the Unsettled Foundation live anthology series. Like a print anthology, authors submit their stories and an editor selects the ones they consider to be the best. But instead of binding them in a book, the selected authors read their stories aloud to an audience.

And my story “What Makes You Tick” has been selected! They’ve also asked me to send a second one since this one is so short. So I will be reading it to an audience at The Hollywood Theater in Minneapolis in an event beginning at 7:30 on June 23rd. I would love to see you there! No admission fee is required, but they do have donation incentive gifts for anyone who wishes to donate. I hope to see some of you there!