The Best of The Drabblecast 2010-

written by David Steffen

And here’s the last of my Best of 2010 lists. This’ll be another short one, covering a bit more than half a year (the rest of 2010 after the last Best of Drabblecast) covering episodes 169-193. Big news for Drabblecast this year: they won a Parsec award!

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1. Mongoose Part I and Part II by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear

This story is just plain awesome. Space opera setting with Lovecraftian beasties and Louis Carroll tie-ins. And it all works. Just, wow.

2. The Wheel by John Wyndham

By the author of the well known “Day of the Triffids”. An interesting story in a far future low-tech world, and a story which sparked many interesting lines of thought.

3. Rangifer Volans by Tim Pratt

Wildly successful cryptozoologists begin their newest project, to hunt flying reindeer.

4. Floaters by David D. Levine

Have you ever noticed that, in certain lights, if you move your eyes very quickly you can see a little line trailing behind your eye movement? Finally, the truth about those weird little enigmas.

5. The Reenactment by Ben H. Winters

This surly, unpleasant teacher loves nothing more than the re-enactment of the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. This year, it doesn’t go so smoothly.

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