Updates, or “I’m not dead yet”

by David Steffen

For those who’ve noticed that there haven’t been any new content on Diabolical Plots for a while, don’t worry. I’m not dead, and I’ll be posting some new content very, very soon. First up, I think, will be my review of Stephen King’s Under the Dome. I’ve also got my eye on some video game reviews (classic and otherwise), and a few movie reviews. I’d like to provide more interviews, but it’s been a little hit-and-miss corresponding with the guests lately–there have been several that have agreed to interviews, but not responded to the questions. It’s probably time for a followup email in several cases, but I’m putting it off for a bit longer–I don’t want to be a pest.

Why have I been absent? Well, I’m glad you asked, hypothetical interwebz audience. Every minute of my writing time has been occupied chasing a story to finish for a submissions deadline. Remember Northern Frights Publishing, the ones who were my very first publication (The Utility of Love in the Shadows of the Emerald City anthology) and who I’ve sold to another time (What Makes You Tick in the War of the Worlds: Frontlines anthology). Well they have a new antho coming out titled “Fallen” with a theme of demonic horror. I’ve been fortunate enough to make it into 2 out of 3 of their other anthologies, so I’d really like to make it 3 out of 4. I wanted to come up with something original, not just an Exorcist or Fallen (the movie) ripoff, so I spent a lot of time coming up with the concept and then an even longer time trying to put it in some kind of coherent order. The good news is that I’ve finished a rough draft and sent it off to beta readers. Now I have a bit of breathing room while they read it and comment on it, so I can catch up on some other things. I’ll be sending the completed story off to NFP very, very soon–wish me luck!

In other news, Bull Spec #3 may be out late next month, containing a previously unpublished story (my 4th story to be published) Turning Back the Clock. I’ve been really impressed by the previous two issues put together by one-man staff Samuel Montgomery-Blinn has put together so I’m really looking forward to it. Also in the issue are Katherine Sparrow and Lavie Tidhar, both great authors who I’ve read elsewhere (including quite a few stories on the Escape Artists podcasts, as well as Brain Harvest). Not only that, but my story will be ILLUSTRATED, which is a first for me, and by my good illustrator friend Joey Jordan, the one responsible for the kickass site art at the top of your page and under the Diabolical Art tab.

I’ve also been invited to write some articles for the Elder Signs Press blog. I decided to accept despite the fact that they lost the only submission I’d sent them. They’ve had a big staff turnover so I figure I’ll give them another chance.

Well, thanks for reading and keep your eye out for more content very soon!

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