17 March 2017 ~ 1 Comment

An Apology, Regarding Sunil Patel’s Story

written by David Steffen

On March 15th, I sent a story to Diabolical Plots publishing newsletter subscribers written by Sunil Patel.  The story had been purchased and contracted in August 2016, before stories about Sunil’s abusive behavior surfaced (in October 2016).  I neglected to remove the story from the schedule and it went to the inbox of 182 subscribers of the newsletter.

This was not the right choice for me to make. Diabolical Plots is here to serve the SF publishing community, and this was not a good way to do that.  I am sorry for my lapse in judgment.  I can’t unsend an email, but the story will be removed from the publishing lineup scheduled on the Diabolical Plots site (and replaced with a different story if I can work it out).  If anyone wishes to provide further feedback, please feel free to email me at editor@diabolicalplots.com.

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