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Submission Window

written by David Steffen

Diabolical Plots will be open for the month of July, buying a year’s worth of stories. Read the guidelines–especially in regards to anonymity and the right way to query to avoid disqualification.


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    I am the publicist for Apocalypse Ink Productions. We are excited to announce the publication of Famished: The Gentleman Ghoul Omnibus in August. This rural horror omnibus of cannibals, dark pacts, and ancient power by Ivan Ewert contains three novels: Famished: The Farm, Famished: The Commons, and Famished: The Ranch and features two new short stories.

    If you would like to review the omnibus or would like to host a guest post, interview or spotlight, please let me know.

    Back cover copy.


    It’s the driving force behind survival.
    The Velander bloodline carries and ancient secret: power and immortality. But that power requires a key to unlock: human flesh. Gordon Velander finds himself an unwilling participant in a play for survival-but he won’t be powerless for long.

    It’s the driving force behind passion.
    The Gentleman Ghouls have survived for centuries due to cunning and careful planning but their world in unraveling. Gordon has vowed to take the Ghouls down no mater what, but he’s fighting a war—both within and without. The Ghouls, on the other hand, are not waiting patiently for the end to come.

    It’s the driving force behind revenge.
    With the Farm and the Commons destroyed, the Ranch is the last outpost of the Ghouls. With this bitter end in sight, Gordon must face his greatest challenge yet—claiming his own fate as other forces make their moves.

    Revenge is sweet.
    Passion is fulfilling
    But survival trumps all.

    Ivan Ewert was born in Chicago, Illinois, and has never wandered far afield. He has deep roots in the American Midwest, finding a sense of both belonging and terror within the endless surburban labyrinths, deep north woods, tangled city streets and boundless prairie skies. The land and the cycles of the year both speak to him and inform his writing; which revolves around the strange, the beautiful, the delicious and the unseen.
    His work has previously appeared in the award-winning anthology Grants Pass, as well as in Close Encounters of the Human Kind, Human Tales, Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales and Beasts Within 3: Oceans Unleashed, while his culinary writing has appeared in Alimentum: The Literature of Food. An early treatment of Famished, then named Vorare, as well as separate works titled Solstice and Idolwood, appeared in the e-zine The Edge of Propinquity from 2006 to 2011. He was the sole author to span all six years of that publication.
    Ivan wears a number of creative hats professionally, including graphic design and acting. He is currently working as voice talent on a lyric proposal to the Poetry Foundation, and appeared as himself alongside his family in the award-winning documentary The Suicide Tourist. He designed the book jacket for Industry Talk: An Insider’s Look at Writing RPGs and Editing Anthologies, as well as logos for Timid Pirate Publishing and such performing companies as Sage Studio, Lucy’s Café, and the Inhabit Theatre.
    In previous lives, he has worked as an audio engineer, a purchasing agent, a songwriter, a tarot reader, a project manager and, for a remarkably short stint, an accountant. In his spare time, Ivan occupies himself with reading, gaming, and assisting with the jewelry design firm Triskele Moon Studios. He currently lives near the Illinois-Wisconsin border with his wife of thirteen auspicious years and a rather terrifying collection of condiments and cookbooks.

    Apocalypse Ink Productions is an independent press focused on dark speculative fiction and horror in its fiction line and online based writing tutorials in its non-fiction line.

    Praise for the Gentleman Ghoul books

    Gentleman Ghouls
    “Ivan Ewert inks in the people and the isolation in this rural horror so darkly and so well that you’ll never complain about traffic or strip malls ever again.” – Kenneth Hite, TOUR DE LOVECRAFT

    Famished: The Farm
    “It’s a horror book that is well written, has a story line, and characters that are much more than “Next Victim” or “Guy with Spooky Mask.” A shocker with all of the “Saw”-like movies, stories, and books out there. The cheap shock, the cheap scare … that’s what’s big. But if you like horror that is actually well written and a good read? Here’s your book.” – Daniel Glovier

    “Ivan Ewert’s FAMISHED: THE FARM is some fun, old-school horror. Ancient gods, cannibalism, and more than a little madness. Ivan Ewert is a seriously twisted writer.” – Stephen Blackmoore, DEAD THINGS

    Famished: The Commons
    “This story is phenomenal. I could not put it down. This book is horror mixed with adventure, with a great cast of characters along for the ride. Linh is my favorite – smart and tough with a functioning brain in her head. She reminds me of Rose Daniels from Rose Madder, one of my favorite novels. You won’t stop cheering for her and Gordon. If you love creepy, smart horror that just begs you to sleep with the lights on and trust no one, read Famished: The Commons. You won’t be disappointed!” – Blanche Devereaux

    Thank you very much for your time.
    Sarah Craft,
    Publicist Apocalypse Ink Productions

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