Bull Spec #1 Review

If you are looking for variety in your Speculative Fiction, Bull Spec is the magazine for you. The stories cover a wide spectrum for fans of all types. The reviews and interviews follow the same pattern. I believe that is wise if the editors are looking for a wide audience. I did see one thing that linked them all together. All the stories, as well as the subject in the chief interview, were a shade on the darker side. Could be it was just a coincidence but I worry it could become common because of the prevailing tastes. Knowing that all the works of fiction carry that same theme would make them predictable over time.

And the Bull Jumped Over the Moon: Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

Having the first issue actually in my hands is a good feeling, but my commitment is to establish Bull Spec as an SFWA market by following up with quarterly issues for at least a few years. I think the “pie in the sky” hope for me is that a first-time author I publish has one of their stories picked up by one of the big anthologies, or nominated for an award. That would be a great feeling, to have been a part of getting them started as an author.

Fiction Sale #4–Turning Back the Clock to Bull Spec

The story: Turning Back the Clock, a time travel story about a man trying to prevent his wife’s death.
The publication: Bull Spec, a brand new market. Their premier issue is scheduled to come out in the next couple weeks. They’ll have both audio versions and print versions. http://www.bullspec.com The date: Not sure yet. Not Issue #1, but perhaps #2 or #3, Summer 2010