The Best of Cast of Wonders 2014

written by David Steffen

More great content from Cast of Wonders the Young Adult SF/Fantasy podcast.  Marguerite Kenner continues to do a great job as editor.  She did mention a few episodes back that they could use more donations–they have a good-sized audience but less than 1% of them make donations.  If you value work like this, please consider donating to the makers of your favorite work.

The List

1. “Shimmer” by Amanda Davis
A setting where you immediately become what others think of you, and what one girl does to fight back.

2.  “Tell Them of the Sky” by A.T. Greenblatt
A toymaker makes models of something he calls birds, something which no one alive has ever seen.

3.  “The Girl With the Piccolo” by Charity Tahmaseb
Opposing marching band armies face off.

4.  “The Filigreed Cage” by Krystal Claxton
The alien Overseers  have come to our world and bestowed many gifts upon us.  One of them are the cuffs that tell us exactly what to do.  To refuse gifts is to live in exile.

5.  “A House in the Forest” by Shawn Bailey
Nigh-indestructible bugs are overrunning the world.

Honorable Mention

“Some Assembly Required” by Terry L. Mirll




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